Automation Testing

 ReliaTest provides a robust automation testing service that stands out by providing organizations with a comprehensive solution, delivering a multitude of benefits to enhance their automated testing endeavors. 

Why Automation Testing?

Automation testing is for every organization creating apps across web, mobile or enterprise desktop platform that requires frequent manual testing.

Accelerated time-to-market

Test automation enables faster execution of test cases, allowing clients to release their software to the market quicker while maintaining the required level of quality.

Increased test coverage

Test automation enables the execution of a large number of test cases, increasing overall test coverage and ensuring comprehensive testing of the software.

Reduced manual effort

By automating repetitive test cases, clients can free up resources from manual testing, allowing their team to focus on more critical and complex testing activities.

Services We Provide in Automation testing

ReliaTest offers a comprehensive and powerful solution for organizations seeking to optimize their automated testing services. With its comprehensive test coverage, robust scripting and execution capabilities, versatility, advanced reporting and analysis features, efficient test data management and strong support system.

Our Test Automation Approach

According to a study conducted by Capgemini, 60% of software defects are caused by poor test coverage and inadequate automation testing practices

Maintain a Hybrid Approach

While automation is beneficial, it's important to maintain a balance between automated and manual testing. Some tests, such as usability testing or exploratory testing, are better suited for manual execution. A hybrid approach ensures comprehensive test coverage and allows flexibility in adapting to evolving project needs.

Prioritize Test Data Management

Efficiently manage test data for automation by using strategies like data-driven testing, test data generation, and test data isolation. Maintain data repositories or utilize tools to manage test data effectively, ensuring the reusability and reliability of test scripts.

Right Tools and Frameworks

Choose automation tools and frameworks that best suit your project requirements. Consider factors like compatibility with your technology stack, ease of use, community support, and scalability. Popular test automation frameworks include Selenium, Appium, Cypress, and Robot Framework.

Design Robust and Maintainable Test Scripts

Invest time in designing robust and maintainable test scripts. Follow principles like modularization, data-driven testing, and page object model (POM) to enhance script reusability, readability, and maintainability. Regularly review and refactor test scripts to keep them up to date.

Implement Continuous Integration and Continuous Testing

By automating repetitive test cases, clients can free up resources from manual testing, allowing their team to focus on more critical and complex testing activities.Integrate test automation into your CI/CD pipeline to enable continuous testing. This approach helps identify issues early in the development cycle and ensures faster feedback for developers.

Prioritize Test Cases for Automation

Not all test cases are suitable for automation. Prioritize test cases that are repetitive, time-consuming, or critical for the application's functionality. Focus on high-risk areas, integration points, and scenarios that require multiple data inputs or complex validations.

Establish Effective Reporting and Metrics

Define meaningful reporting mechanisms to track test execution, test coverage, and test results. Utilize dashboards, logs, and visual representations to provide clear insights into the status of tests and the overall quality of the application.

Automation Testing Process

Planning and Preparation

  • Define Test Automation Objectives
  • Identify Test Cases for Automation
  • Select Automation Tools and Frameworks

Test Script Development

  • Design Automation Test Scripts
  • Write Code or Use Record-and-Playback Mechanism
  • Handle Test Data and Simulate User Actions

Test Execution and Reporting

  • Execute Automation Test Scripts
  • Monitor Execution and Capture Test Results
  • Generate Test Reports and Logs

Test Result Analysis

  • Analyze Test Results and Failures
  • Investigate Root Causes of Failures
  • Log and Track Identified Issues

Test Maintenance and Updates

  • Review and Update Automation Test Scripts
  • Maintain Test Scripts for Accuracy and Compatibility

Continuous Improvement

  • Evaluate and Improve Automation Process
  • Optimize Test Coverage and Execution Time
  • Foster Collaboration and Communication

Test Execution Management

  • Schedule and Manage Test Suite Execution
  • Integrate Automation with CI/CD Pipelines

Industries We Cover

Big industries. Big names. Our long-standing reputation in serving a wide variety of industries is our key to success.

Not only do we understand different test requirements, we deliver flexible solutions that best fit your industry-specific needs

Software Development

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Education and e-Learning

E-commerce and Retail

Travel and Hospitality

Automotive and Manufacturing

Government and Public Sector

Banking and Finance

Gaming and Entertainment

Telecom and Communication

Tools We Use In Automation Testing

In our testing labs, we employ cutting-edge automated testing tools and consistently enhance our expertise in utilizing the most advanced tools available and embracing industry best practices.


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