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Automation testing is a software testing technique that involves the use of specialized tools and scripts to execute test cases and verify the expected behavior of a software application. It is a key component of the software quality assurance (QA) process and is widely used in the industry to improve efficiency and effectiveness in testing. See More.

Platform compatibility testing in software QA involves verifying that the application functions correctly across various platforms, operating systems, browsers, and devices. See More.

Usability testing in software QA evaluates user-friendliness and satisfaction. Real users perform tasks while their interactions are observed and recorded. The goal is to identify issues, gather feedback, and improve the user experience. See More.

Responsive testing ensures that applications adapt and function correctly across devices and screen sizes. It involves verifying layout, design, and content adaptation as well as functional and interactive aspects. By testing compatibility and consistency, it ensures a consistent and user-friendly experience across platforms. See More.

For every organization, mobile app testing is essential to uphold the performance and quality standards of any developed app on all available devices. See More.


Functional testing verifies that the application meets specified requirements and performs intended tasks accurately. It involves designing test cases and scenarios to assess functionality and identify defects. By ensuring proper coverage, functional testing enhances the software’s quality and user satisfaction.  See More.

Performance testing  assesses the speed, stability, and scalability of an application. It involves load testing to simulate user workload and measure application behavior under different conditions. By ensuring optimal performance and resource utilization, performance testing enhances the application’s reliability and user experience. See More.

ReliaTest understands the critical role of security testing in today’s software landscape. By adopting a comprehensive and proactive approach to security testing, ReliaTest aims to deliver software testing services that are reliable, robust, and secure. Their commitment to understanding clientspecific security requirements, performing thorough vulnerability assessments, conducting penetration testing, and reviewing code demonstrates their dedication to identifying and mitigating potential security risks. Through these rigorous security testing practices, ReliaTest provides clients with confidence in the security of their software applications.  See More.


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